Peter Roof works throughout the Washington DC region in a wide variety of roles. Through this operation he'll continue to provide top notch production services to the best clients in the region. On a platform of the latest high def technology this streamlined operation can achieve what can be found at larger production companies at a fraction of the cost.

Alt Gobo MediaWorks LLC was created in Sept. 2008 by Peter Roof, a Director of Photography and Technical Manager. This is the second business started by Roof. Ten years ago he owned and operated In House Media Associates, a production company that also performed crewing services.

Peter Roof wears many hats in multimedia production. His vast experience has him firmly grounded in the skills of the craft that he uses when embracing the emerging technologies.

His early experiences include working on a stage crew and a photographer for a daily newspaper. He moved into television production that he discovered was the hybrid of the two disciplines. He still likes the variety and works in news, entertainment, sports, you name it.

The pressures and changes in the profession has left a great deal of uncertainty. Often, there are many "unknowns" when entering into a project. Because of his deep experience he is able to "parachute" into a situation and do what needs to be done to achieve positive outcomes.

He takes his craft, but not himself, seriously. His good nature helps put clients and crew at ease. No matter what hat he is wearing people know that he can do the job with confidence.